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MALARIA: Africa Fighting Malaria Updates and Events July 2013

Africa Fighting Malaria Updates and Events
Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) seeks to raise awareness of the huge burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and promote sensible policies for long-term solutions.
It is most painful and very sad to see that some Ugandans feel comfortable dancing on the graves of between 200 to 300 Ugandans, mostly children and pregnant women, dying due to malaria daily.

These numbers are equivalent to 25 minibuses with 14 passengers each, crushing every day. It is even very possible that these numbers are an under-estimation of the people who actually die due to malaria in Uganda. There are those who die at home or on the way to a health facility or die in private clinics or even die while waiting for a Health Worker in a health facility and are never captured in the statistics presented. 
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The UK has funded 25 million mosquito nets since 2010 but the National Audit Office said usage among target groups, such as children, was disappointing.

The watchdog urged the UK to work with aid recipients to "change attitudes" and to ensure proper value for money. Ministers said the increased use of bed nets was part of a multi-faceted strategy acknowledged to save lives. 
There is no vaccine for malaria and the disease killed an estimated 660,000 people last year and left 250 million people seriously ill. 
Experts from 25 countries across Africa are meeting, at the 12th annual National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) Best Practice Sharing Workshop in Kampala, to discuss the problem of sub-standard antimalarials in Africa and address key topics and challenges faced by the malaria community.
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