Wednesday, 12 September 2012

MALARIA: Africa Fighting Malaria

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Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) seeks to raise awareness of the huge burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and promote sensible policies for long-term solutions.

In mid-July, amidst the busy global-health month of July, in between the Family Planning summit and the AIDS conference, the near-final draft of the independent evaluation of the Affordable Medicines Facility - Malaria (AMFm) was released. This evaluation report represents quite an expansion: an earlier AMFm evaluation report published in March 2012 was 194 pages while we, and the Global Fund, now have 675 pages to consume and process (that March report was a teaser, wasn't it?). The authors deserve credit for organizing a 7-country evaluation over a short period of time: kudos to the folks at ICF International and LSHTM, as well as the 'data contributors' from 5 different organizations working in sub-Saharan Africa. 

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After a decade of observing the Global Fund, Aidspan founder looks ahead

The Global Fund had not begun, a little more than a decade ago, when Bernard Rivers, who had worked as a freelance journalist and a software entrepreneur, found himself with enough time and money to spend a couple of years learning a new field. As a teenager he had lived in Africa, and wanted to learn about something he could do there. "The biggest issue was AIDS and the fact that ARVs did exist, and that not everyone could have them," he says now. "Just to call it a health problem understates it significantly."

The AMFm led to large increases in availability of low priced ACT in Tanzania, with no significant variation in availability based on remoteness. Availability did remain lower and prices remained higher in Rukwa, which is a more remote region overall. Low availability of child and adolescent ACT doses could be due in part to lower quantities of non-adult packs imported into Tanzania. Future research will explore whether increased availability and affordability persists and whether it translates into higher ACT use in Tanzania. 
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