Saturday, 15 September 2012

MALARIA: reduced malaria deaths, but long way to elimination

From:William Brieger

Date:Sat, Sep 15, 2012 8:41 am

still a long way to go to eliminate
AfricaNews - Malaria deaths reduce in Africa, diplomats tell UN

Malaria deaths have significantlyreduced in Africa but more resources are required to eliminate the disease, African diplomats told the United Nations. African countries this week called on the global community to intensify efforts and commitments to avoid the reversal of the gains made in combating malaria and push for greater progress in sustainable interventions.

“Malaria control remains an emergency globally and even more so for Africa,” said the African Group through Liberia’s UN Mission Counsellor Gail Farngalo.

Ms Farngalo said this in the UN General Assembly when she introduced a Draft Resolution entitled: Consolidating Gains and Accelerating Efforts to Control and Eliminate Malaria in Developing Countries, particularly in Africa, by 2015.

Under the Roll Back Malaria initiative, more than 1 million lives have been saved in the last ten years, a third of whomin Africa, through the collaborative efforts of Governments, UN Agencies, International Organizations, donor agencies and other stakeholders. 

The African region accounts for about 81 per cent of malaria cases occurring worldwide. At least 90 per cent of malaria deaths occur in Africa with 86 per cent being children below five years of age. 

“The social and economic toll [of malaria] is significant; impacting our people, our governments, communities and inevitably, our livelihoods,” Ms Farngalo said.

The Resolution, adopted by consensus, welcomed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s commitment to make the fight against malaria one of his top priorities during his second term of office.

This is according to a statement issued by Chibaula Silwamba, Zambia's Permanent Mission First Secretary for Press and Public Relations.

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