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MALNUTRITION: Crop Biotech Update Sept 25 2013


In This Issue

September 25, 2013


• A Decade of Research Says GM Crops are Safe, Yet Debate Remains Intense 
• Global Scientific Community Stands Up for Golden Rice 

• Public Should be Made Aware of GM Application and Benefits, says Kenyan Governor 
• Field Trials of Biotech Cowpea Begin in Ghana 
• AGRA Unveils a Report on Status of Agriculture in Africa 
• Climate Change and Abiotic Stress Workshop Held in Egypt 

• Biologists Reveal Role of a Protein in Crop Traits Modification 
• Grocery Manufacturers Association Launches Website on GM Food 
• USDA Requests for Public Input on Agricultural Coexistence 
• Biochemists Crack Nitrogen Fixation Code 

Asia and the Pacific 
• NAST Philippines' Statement on the Golden Rice Multiloc Trial Destruction 
• US and Pakistan Partners in Disease Resistant Wheat Project 

• Scientists Discover Mechanism Regulating Direction of Plant Cell Growth 
• New Charity to Develop Under-Utilized Crops to Tackle Global Food Security 

• Scientists Study Effects of Bt Brinjal on Rhizospheric Bacterial Community Structure 
• Binding Characterization of Cry Proteins to the Brush Border Membrane Vesicles of Insect Pests 

Beyond Crop Biotech 
• Scientists Explain the Genetics of Smell 
• Study Reveals Key Genes of Sandalwood 

• IHC 2014 - ISHS/ProMusa Symposium 
• 5th International Conference on Food Engineering and Biotechnology 

Document Reminders 
• UNCTAD Trade and Environment Review 2013 
• Biotech Trait Annual Updates 

Latest Communication Products

Biotech Traits Annual Updates 
A summary of traits deployed in biotech crops which includes short discussions about the trends in biotech traits adoption and benefits of biotech crops with such traits.
Pocket K 45: Biotechnology for Sugarcane 
This PK covers short discussions about the many uses of sugarcane aside from being a sugar crop; how genetic manipulation can boost its yield and enhance its productivity; how cellulosic biofuel is made; niche products; and the key challenges.
Beyond Promises: Top 10 Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2012 
A visual presentation of the 10 important highlights about biotech crops in 2012, taken from the ISAAA Brief 44 Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2012
Biotech sQuizBox (Not Just For Kids) 
The activity booklet on biotechnology is designed to inform the public on biotech through trivia and puzzles in cartoons
Biotech Crop Annual Updates 
The series include five short documents on biotech crops namely, soybeanmaizecottoncanola, and alfalfa. Information included in the series includes data on adoption, adopting countries, traits, and the benefits of each biotech crop

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