Tuesday, 28 June 2011

POVERTY: ‘Development schemes should eliminate poverty’

TNN Jun 26, 2011

LUCKNOW: The core objective of the development programmes of UP should be to root out poverty in the state. At the same time, it should harness the enterprise potential of the people living in small towns and villages, said RK Pachauri, directorgeneral, The Energy Research Institute ( TERI). Pachauri, who was in the city on Saturday, stressed on inclusive growth and development of the state.
The requirement is of strategies that target reduction of poverty. Going by the definition of poverty as given by Amartya Sen, Pachauri said poverty can be reduced by creating systems which provide choices to people or by creating the capacity to help people come out of poverty.
"I must say with some sense of pain that this was the state which led the country but now it is lagging behind," he said while delivering a talk on 'Sustainable development imperatives for Uttar Pradesh - India's most populous state'.
Pachauri has his roots in UP and that makes it easier for him to recommend a development model for the state.
He emphasized that the state need not only grow in traditional sense but also in terms of sustainability. Sustainability is the "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs". Lot of this sustainable development can happen by creating a culture and then building on it. "It can be done by involvement of people. You cannot expect government to bring a change as it will do what it is meant to do," he said. UP is endowed with agricultural opportunities. A major part of its population is still dependent on agriculture. The development model should work for these people while they remain at their soil. "Today there is a great deal of merit in focusing on small towns," he said.
Pachauri also stressed on creating conditions to attract investment in the state. "Investment will encourage industrial development and industry is going to be extremely important for growth of the state," he said.
The state needs to focus on small towns for investors and enterprise. In a state like UP, industrial development can happen by tapping the talent at the grass-root level, training them and making them into the best work force.Another sector where UP has lot of potential is tourism.
Talking about impact of climate change, he said every state needs to assess its preparedness to deal with calamities like floods, drought, etc.


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