Sunday, 9 December 2012

MALNUTRITION: Peru promotes native products to combat malnutrition

Lima, Dec. 07 (ANDINA). Peruvian First Lady Nadine Heredia reiterated Thursday that the government is committed to eradicating child malnutrition, one of the major barriers to lifting people out of poverty.
Peru's First Lady Nadine Heredia. Photo: ANDINA/Juan Carlos Guzmán Negrini.
Speaking at the presentation of a cookbook with over 20 gourmet quinoa recipes, Heredia said that authorities aim to tackle this issue by promoting the production and consumption of local products like quinoa.
The president's wife, who was accompanied by star chef Gaston Acurio during the event, said this cookbook will help us recognize the value of native products in the government's fight against malnutrition.
The quinoa cookbook was put together by government-run program Sierra Exportadora and features recipes from ten of Peru's leading chefs.
Heredia and Acurio also paid tribute to the four chefs, including an Australian national, who died in a traffic accident in a highland area of southern Peru last Friday.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization has declared 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa to recognize the nutritional, ecological and economic benefits of this grain that is native to the Peruvian Andes.
At the height of the Inca era, it was considered to be a sacred food, as well as being used for medicinal purposes.

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