Friday, 7 December 2012

POVERTY: In-Depth Global Reports

Our Lives is a new IRIN series following 20 people in 10 countries as they try to get by in these testing times. The men and women featured - from teachers to truck drivers - describe how they cope with the rising cost of living, and explain their hopes for the future. This series will be regularly updated. Please click on the map below or on the names on the right-hand panel to explore.

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Samir Uddin – Street hawker
Wliar Rahman – School teacher


Jane Njeri – Displaced person
Millicent Wanyama – Breadcrumb seller


‘Mammuso Lebakeng – Crafts trader
Moloantoa Mokhomphatha – Builder


John Tamba – Teacher
Lorpu Kah – Single mum


Liliana Lova Rahoaritsalamanirinarisoa– Trainee teacher
Thierry Mafisy Miharivonjy Razafindranaivo – Cook


Chaka Dagnoko – Mechanic
Tembely Coulibaly – Restaurateur


Kumari Magar – Maid
Manbahadur Tamang – Farmer


Aslam Rehmat – Dental assistant
Rashid Minhas – Driver

South Sudan

Grace Taban Genova – Home-brewer
Kenyi Chaplain Paul – Security guard


Adel Aklin – Teacher
Ali Abdullah al-Moudai – Community liaison officer

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Wheat in India
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Lentils in Nepal
Lentils in Nepal
Rice in Madagascar
Rice in Madagascar
Kenya’s Unga revolution
Kenya’s Unga revolution
A question of dignity
A question of dignity

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