Thursday, 28 February 2013

Overseas Development Institute (ODI) newsletter 28 February 2013


Ashley Jackson discusses why aid money shouldn't be diverted to the military, in response to David Cameron’s suggestion of more joint spending.
Collage of faces, Twitter
Record maize production forecast in the South
The latest ODI food price update expects record maize harvests in the Southern hemisphere, with maize and wheat prices falling, and rice harvests set to equal last year’s record. 
Helen Clark, UNDP
Drawing on insights from complexity science, this paper explains why we need a joint game and reflection-based approach.
A tool for full employment in sub-Saharan Africa
This Working Paper details a practical methodology to help achieve full and productive employment for all.

Why tackling water security needs a human face 
Access to water, rather than its availability, is what counts. In Ethiopia, complex trade-offs, coping mechanisms, and social arrangements are at play when pursuing water security, says Josephine Tucker.
From rigorous methods to rigorous processes
Tiina Pasanen discusses directions of travel for impact evaluation after the Randomised Control Trial debate.

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