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Two novel uses for African mobile-phone masts
Mobile-phone towers could be used to map rainfall in areas lacking rain gauges and as a power source for affordable vaccine refrigeration.
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Taking the global out of health campaigns 
The last stages of polio eradication suggest a new model of health campaigns much more responsive to global changes and local context. 



Project eyes robust medical technology for poor countries
Project eyes robust medical technology for poor countries 
A Swiss scheme to use technology to reduce poverty in poor countries has a robust and affordable medical scanner as its first target. 
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Network to push scientific case for organic farming
Network to push scientific case for organic farming 
A new platform for organic farming will link farmers to researchers, and help shape and coordinate global research agenda. 

Cell phones can speed up malaria treatment in remote areas
Cell phones can speed up malaria treatment in remote areas 
Mobile phones can help improve malaria detection and treatment in remote rural areas, according to research carried out in Bangladesh. 
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Mobile masts could help measure rain and chill vaccines 
Mobile-phone towers could help fill the gaps in African rainfall data and provide the power needed to keep vaccines refrigerated. 

Lack of access to technology 'hampers detection of substandard drugs'
Global drug markets are awash with low quality medicine, partly because of inadequate testing in poor countries, says a US report. 
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Commission aims to draw attention to deteriorating oceans 
New ocean commission will provide informal advice to the UN and firms on issues such as overfishing and gaps in governance of the high seas. 

Scientists strive to make global disease data more useful 
Methodological issues are plaguing efforts to make the Global Burden of Disease study more meaningful and useful for developing countries. 

Other News

Agricultural research 'must support local innovation' 

Pakistan's polio cases linked to poor 'cold chain' facilities 

Rich farmers 'more likely' to adopt improved rice varieties 

Brazil and Chile lack sustainable public procurement 

Bolivia to convert deforested areas in agricultural land 

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In Perspective: Well-framed science can boost its social impact
In Perspective: Well-framed science can boost its social impact 
How scientific knowledge is presented in public debate, by scientists or journalists, has a big influence on its impact, says David Dickson
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Latin America Analysis: Environmental policy and deforestation 
When it comes to the environment, there is no dialogue between civil society, the scientific community, government and parliament, says Carla Almeida



Q&A: Rachad Farah outlines his vision for UNESCO
Q&A: Rachad Farah outlines his vision for UNESCO 
If elected director-general of UNESCO, Rachad Farah will put southern hemisphere science at the heart of its agenda, he tells SciDev.Net
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Polio: the last mile
Smallpox eradication is often cited as a model — but we can only learn so much from past success, writesNick Ishmael Perkins.
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Q&A: Rachad Farah outlines his vision for UNESCO
Boosting science, keeping social sciences and getting the US back on board are among the priorities for a UNESCO director-general candidate.
Courtesy of the Embassy of the Republic of Djibouti in France

Sharing science 
Explore our practical guides to communicating science effectively

From influencing policy makers to science journalism 
Learn more about the value of scientific information and communicating science effectively


Forecasting and early warning of dust storms 
Closing date: 27 March 2013 

Funding Opportunity for Collaborative Research on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa and Asia: Call for Concept Notes 
Closing date: 4 April 2013 


eLearning Africa 2013 8th International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training 
Location: Windhoek, Safari Conference Centre Namibia
Date: 29 May 2013 - 31 May 2013 


Saving Lives at Birth: Grand Challenge 
Closing date: 28 March 2013 

Powering Agriculture Challenge 
Closing date: 28 February 2013 


Senior Programme Manager: Research Access & Availability 
Location: Oxford, UK
Closing date: 18 March 2013 

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Innovations for Grand Challenges
The Global Network of Science Academies' 2013 conference looks at how academicians and innovators can help bridge Grand Challenges

Flickr/US Army Africa
Tough target
A Swiss initiative aims to develop a cheap, sturdy and easy-to-use scanner for hospitals in the developing world

Policies sidestep deforestation 
Environmental legislation in Latin America tends to put economic interests above environmental protection

Flickr/Jose Miguel Calatayud
Planet organic
A new platform for organic farming will help shape the global research agenda

Framing science
Scientists and journalists need to be more vigilant of how scientific information is presented
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