Friday, 5 April 2013

IPS: April 4

For Climate Action, 2013 “Good as It’ll Get”: Nicholas Stern 
Carey L. Biron 
A confluence of factors could make 2013 the most fruitful opportunity in years – and for years – for potentially major action on climate change, according to a leading voice on climate change policy, the British economist Nicholas Stern. Nicholas Stern has been credited with having had perhaps ... MORE > >

Building a Better Somali Region 
William Lloyd-George 
For over two decades Somali Region, in eastern Ethiopia, has been devastated by a grueling insurgency. Trapped in a time warp, it has been forgotten and underdeveloped. But in the last few years, thanks to the increased security here, a five-star hotel, eco-tourism ventures and even a large ... MORE > >

World Bank Aims to End Extreme Poverty by 2030 
Carey L. Biron 
World Bank President Jim Kim has unveiled a series of new institutional goals aimed at ending extreme poverty by 2030 and focusing on the promotion of “shared prosperity” – increasing the incomes of the poorest 40 percent in each country while placing increased focus on dealing with climate ... MORE > >

U.N. Goes Global to Set Post-2015 Agenda 
Thalif Deen 
The United Nations apparently lacked the online resources of the fast-growing digital age when it created its highly-touted Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in 2001, with a targeted deadline of 2015. But as it readies to formulate its post-2015 economic agenda, the world body says it is one ...MORE > >

Tegucigalpa Learns to Live with Climate Challenges 
Thelma Mejía 
In slums lining several hillsides in the Honduran capital, mitigation works are under way to protect the neighbourhoods from flooding and landslides, which completely obliterated several areas when Hurricane Mitch hit the country fifteen years ago. Tegucigalpa, which covers nearly 1,400 square ...MORE > >

Refugees of Libyan War Protest at World Social Forum 
Alberto Pradilla 
“We need a solution. The U.N. has created the problem, and they should do their work and fix it,” says Bright, a young Nigerian stuck in the Choucha refugee camp in Tunisia, a few kilometres from the Libyan border. Bright and hundreds of other refugees have spent the last two years in a camp ...MORE > >

Arab Spring Shifts Focus of World Social Forum 
Alberto Pradilla 
The World Social Forum’s traditional focus on economic, political and social injustice caused by globalisation shifted towards the revolts and unrest of the Arab Spring, in the current edition of the global gathering in Tunisia. The WSF “contributed in Latin America to the construction of ... MORE > >

Putting Food Security on the Calendar 
Kanis Dursin 
Last October, at the beginning of Indonesia’s rainy season, a 37-year-old farmer named Herinurdin took a leap of faith. Instead of planting corn in his entire 1.3-hectare rainfed farm in the Sukabumi town of West Java, as his family had done for generations, he sowed 1,600 square metres worth of ...MORE > >

Q&A: Portugal Neglects Undocumented Immigrants with AIDS 
Mario Queiroz 
In 1996, Luís Mendão was shocked to learn that he had contracted HIV/AIDS, and that the infection was advanced because of the late diagnosis. Racing against time, he began to put his affairs in order and to get ready to face his death. However, after a year of treatment, he felt better and ... MORE > >

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