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MALARIA: Africa Fighting Malaria April 17 2003

Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) seeks to raise awareness of the huge burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and promote sensible policies for long-term solutions.

Substantial stocks of the insecticide DDT on the ocean floor off Los Angeles have all but vanished. This is news that should have been greeted with great joy and happiness by environmentalists, who for decades have treated DDT as a totemic evil. Instead, they have responded with shock and disbelief, along with calls for more research. Welcome to the absurd Green world where good news is treated as bad news and where taxpayers are expected to pay endlessly for expensive and unnecessary research. 
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The World Customs Service has said that counterfieting business has been estimated to generate $200 billion annually. 
Director-General of the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration (NAFDAC), Dr. Paul Orhii, who was represented by the Director of Drug Evaluation and Research (DER), Mrs. Hauwa Keri, made this statement at the weekend in Abuja at the stakeholders meeting that reviewed current anti-malaria medicines. 
In this setting, the proportion of malaria patients receiving appropriate ACT treatment at drug shops was low. This was due to the practice of presumptive treatment, inadequate training on malaria management and lack of knowledge that Coartem(R) was the recommended first-line treatment for malaria. There is urgent need for interventions to improve treatment of malaria at these outlets.
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