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ODI April 25 2013

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Overseas Development Institute (ODI) newsletter 
25 April 2013
 Disaster risk management: preparing for post-2015  
 This report examines options for including disaster risk management indicators in the post-2015 framework, and argues that such targets will be essential in helping to prepare for shocks. 
Politics can help explain why services work better in some countries than others, but how should this inform policy and practice? This report identifies where change needs to happen.
Collage of faces, Twitter
What have we learned from Afghanistan – the longest running experiment in stabilisation? This HPG Working Paper examines civil-military dialogue and stablisation over the last decade.
Shocks, crises and capital in sub-Saharan Africa
Following international crises and financial instability, this research argues that we are now seeing increased private-sector investment in sub-Saharan Africa.
Cash transfers: voices from the village
This multi-country research stresses thatunderstanding beneficiary and community perceptions of cash transfers is essential for designing effective social protection instruments.

Food prices: peering back, looking forward
Five years on from the food price hike in 2007-08, this paper reviews what has been learned, what can be expected in the future, and what the policy implications may be.
At cross-purposes: subsidies and climate finance
Fossil fuel subsidies currently dwarf climate finance. This paper highlights opportunities to unlock climate-compatible investment by linking private climate finance and subsidies.

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