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IPS news October 10 2013

OP-ED: Why Keeping Girls in School Can Help South Sudan 
Agnes Odhiambo 
Mary K. loved to study and wanted to be an accountant. However, when she was 16 and in class six (grade eight), her father forced her to leave school to marry a 50-year-old man who paid him 60 cows. Mary pleaded with her father to keep her in school. But her father was adamant. “He said it is a ... MORE > >

World Bank Mulls First Strategic Overhaul in Two Decades 
Carey L. Biron 
World Bank President Jim Kim has formally put forward a major new proposal to refocus both the bank’s priorities and how it pursues those aims. World Bank President Jim Kim. Credit: NBruschi/cc by 3.0 The new strategy, which would reorganise and harmonise the World Bank’s sprawling global ...MORE > >

Improved Seed Improves Ethiopian Farmers’ Lives 
Matthew Newsome 
Ethiopian farmers are learning that seed security is the basis of food security. After a successful trial, the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations in 2013 began introducing high yielding seeds to Ethiopia’s small-scale farmers. The farmers are now reporting ... MORE > >

Pacific Pact – a Minefield for Health Care 
Emilio Godoy 
The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), the negotiation of which is set to conclude this year, could drive research into new drugs and improve access to medicines. Except – it won’t. “The current health system is reaching its limit,” Judit Rius, manager of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors ... MORE > >

Risk Management Can Ease Poverty, World Bank Says 
Ramy Srour 
Successful risk management can be a powerful tool for development, the World Bank said Monday in its annual World Development Report (WDR). The WDR is the Bank’s most comprehensive publication, released yearly since 1978. This year’s report looks at how managing risks, ranging from economic ... MORE > >

Seeding Ethiopia's Future Food Security 
Ed McKenna 
Datta Dudettu and his seven children know what is like to go hungry. They live in Woliyta, a drought-prone area in southern Ethiopia that has experienced chronic food shortages. But hopefully, thanks to the successful use of hybrid seed, that is now firmly in the past. “It was common to ... MORE > >

How to Tell the Biggest Stories of Our Times 
Kanya D'Almeida 
What does gorilla conservation have in common with the provision of contraceptives to women? How does rural-urban migration contribute to global warming? What does city planning in Kenya have to do with coastal erosion in the Philippines? Such are the topics of conversation at the 23rd annual ... MORE > >

Some Rice, Served With Rainwater 
Michelle Tolson 
The quiet Cambodian village of Chouk, set in the beautiful forests of the Cardamom Mountains near the Thai border, seems peaceful. But things are difficult in this largely empty village of simple wooden houses, populated mainly by children and the elderly. The 270 families in Chouk, which means ... MORE > >

Homeless Again 
Inés Benítez 
A police cordon kept everyone out of the Buenaventura “corrala” on Thursday after the police evicted 13 families living in the occupied building in the centre of this southern Spanish city early in the morning. “Tonight we’ll sleep at a friend’s house. I don’t have any work or money. We have to ... MORE > >

Africa's Growth Story Brightens 
Jacey Fortin 
Not far from the headquarters of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) in Ethiopia's capital city of Addis Ababa, a young woman named Bosena, 25, sits on the side of a busy road with a baby in her arms. She has two children, and all of her income – about 30 birr a day, or ...MORE > >

Parallel Economy Keeps Indians Poor 
Ranjit Devraj 
As India grapples with rising prices and a rapidly sinking rupee, attention has turned to the country's massive parallel economy that siphons wealth away from development programmes and into the pockets of a corrupt ruling elite. On Monday, a special court declared Lalu Prasad Yadav, one of ... MORE > >

   Featured Videos 
Despite 3rd sex recognition, life is hard for transgenders in Nepal 

With long curly hair and a particularly feminine outfit Neelam Paudel, is busy applying make-up. 21-year-old Neelam is transgender and likes to dress as a woman. When she discovered her own sexual orientation, it was not an easy reality to confront. MORE > >

“Arms trade perpetuates poverty”, Nobelist Óscar Arias tells IPSTV 

Óscar Arias Sánchez is simply known as the man who brought peace to Central America. When he was elected President of Costa Rica in 1986, an armed conflict was still raging in the region. Arias launched a peace plan that was signed by Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. After only one year in office, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. MORE > >

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