Friday, 25 October 2013

POVERTY: Life in a Cambodian rubbish dump

Workers at the Anlong Pi landfill near Siem Reap live and breathe toxic chemicals on a daily basis.
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Note by owner of blog:

This blog is not "monetized" and provides no revenue. What it does do is draw attention to the plight of unfortunate persons, most of whom are poor.
The material is not originated by the blog owner, it quite clearly is reproduced and the author is given credit.
In the course of several years, 5000 reproduced items, and a quarter of a million viewers, this has never given offence nor caused a problem, since the authors of the material have genuine interest in the welfare of those about whom they write.

This article is the SINGLE EXCEPTION.
It displays graphically the miserable life of a segment of population in Cambodia, a country which I know well and for which I have some affection.
One would expect the author to be pleased to have as much reproduction of his work as possible, if his interests lie in the welfare of the subjects photographed.

It seems however that Omar's interest lies in protecting his finances and these unfortunate people are merely a vehicle to that end. Under insistent threat of legal action to protect his copyright, his photographs have been removed.

I suggest we look into our souls and ask ourselves what are the true values in life.

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