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Crop Biotech Update (November 6, 2013)


In This Issue

November 6, 2013


• Overcoming Smallholder Challenges with Biotechnology 
• Raven: Biosafety Assessments Shouldn't be Burdensome 

• Grant for Soybean Research Aims to Increase Africa's Food Supply 
• Nigerian Agriculture Minister Urges Faster Acceptance of Biotech in Africa 
• Biotechnology Center Re-established in Liberia 

• Biologists Uncover Rules that Govern Leaf Design 
• International Effort to Develop Climate-Resilient Wheat 
• Research Improves Understanding of How Plants Protect Themselves from Adverse Environmental Conditions 
• Genes in the Organelles Affects Cell Metabolism 

Asia and the Pacific 
• Australian OGTR DIR 122 - Notification of Decision on GM Wheat Field Trial 
• Top Rice Research Showcased in International Symposium 
• Philippine DA Allows Field Trials of GM Crops 
• Regulators and Experts from 8 Asian Countries Train on Communicating Biotech and Biosafety 

• EU Prepares Draft of New GM Maize Cultivation Approval 
• Study Shows New Technologies Not Perfect but Very Beneficial 

• Pyramiding of the HVA1 and mtlD in Maize Confers Drought and Salt Tolerance 
• GE Sweet Potato with Multiple Virus Resistance Developed 

Beyond Crop Biotech 
• Research Shows Slow Development of Drugs for Neglected Diseases 
• "Flipping" Genetic Switch Reveals New Compounds with Antibiotic Potential 

• Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture 

Document Reminders 
• Transgenic Technologies in Agriculture: From Lab to Field to Market 

Latest Communication Products

Can Mother Earth Feed 9+ Billion in 2050? 
Coinciding with the celebration of the World Food Prize (WFP) Foundation 16-19 October 2013 to honor three distinguished crop biotechnologists, ISAAA launches a new infographic on food and agricultural biotechnology to raise public understanding on challenges of feeding the world of tomorrow.
Farmers First: Feedback from the Farm 
A collection of farmers' testimonies from ChinaIndia, and the Philippines, about how they started adopting biotech crops, how they benefited from the technology, and why they continue planting biotech crops.
Biotech Traits Annual Updates 
A summary of traits deployed in biotech crops which includes short discussions about the trends in biotech traits adoption and benefits of biotech crops with such traits.
Pocket K 45: Biotechnology for Sugarcane 
This PK covers short discussions about the many uses of sugarcane aside from being a sugar crop; how genetic manipulation can boost its yield and enhance its productivity; how cellulosic biofuel is made; niche products; and the key challenges.
Beyond Promises: Top 10 Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2012 
A visual presentation of the 10 important highlights about biotech crops in 2012, taken from the ISAAA Brief 44 Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2012

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