Friday, 1 November 2013

IPS Pick of Week November 01 2013

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Energy Integration Runs into Short Circuits 
Marianela Jarroud 
Energy integration efforts in Latin America have been made in fits and starts, even though many clearly understand that the only way to solve the region’s energy shortages and high costs is by working together. Experts who spoke to IPS agreed that the main difficulties in achieving energy ... MORE > >

In Haiti, Cholera Claims New Victims Daily 
Thalif Deen and Patrick Saint-Pre 
Some 2,400 kilometres from New York City, where victims of Haiti's cholera epidemic are suing the United Nations in a U.S. federal court, the disease continues to burn through the populace with no end in sight. In a single week between Oct. 19 and Oct. 26, the Pan-American Health Organisation ...MORE > >

Fragile Peace Holds on a Syrian Island 
Karlos Zurutuza 
"The whole region is under control but be careful in the city centre," says a Kurdish militiaman at the eastern gate of Qamishli, 600 km northeast of capital Damascus, confirming rumours about breaches in Syria’s relatively stable northeast. Sandwiched between Turkey and Syria, this city of ... MORE > >

Taiwan Lawmakers Push `Marriage Equality` Bill 
Dennis Engbarth 
Taiwan could become the first Asian state to legalise same-sex and other ``pluralistic`` forms of marriage if a wide-ranging package of changes to the civil code are approved by the national legislature. On Oct. 25, Taiwan`s 112-member legislature referred a ``marriage equality`` bill of ... MORE > >

Waiting for the Next Superstorm 
Samuel Oakford 
One year ago, Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Northeast United States, causing an estimated 68 billion dollars in damage and paralysing the world’s financial nerve centre. But days before, in the Caribbean, the same storm ran roughshod over Jamaica, Haiti, Cuba and other countries, causing ... MORE > >

Caught Between Two Sudans 
Andrew Green 
When Chris Bak returned two weeks ago to the disputed border town of Abyei, which voted this week on whether to join Sudan or South Sudan, he barely recognised it as the place where he grew up. “Everything is dirty,” he told IPS. “We were just going around and around, but we didn’t this ... MORE > >

Domestics Join Forces to Put Their House in Order 
Inés Acosta 
“We have come together to join forces, to be heard, because we want to speak for ourselves,” said Ernestina Ochoa, a Peruvian domestic worker, at the close of the founding congress of the International Domestic Workers Federation in the Uruguayan capital. Uruguay was chosen to host the Oct. ...MORE > >

Ecuador-Colombia Settlement Won’t End Spraying 
Ángela Meléndez 
The secrecy surrounding a friendly settlement in a case that Ecuador brought against Colombia in the International Court of Justice for damage caused by anti-drug spraying along the border has further angered those affected by the fumigation. Ecuador dropped the lawsuit filed in 2008 in The ... MORE > >

“Terrorist Groups Are Displacing Kurdish People” 
Karlos Zurutuza 
Kurdish fighters have emerged as a powerful player in the Syrian war thanks to the Yekîneyên Parastina Gel (YPG - “People's Protection Units”), a seemingly well-organised armed group which has so far proved capable of defending the territory it claims in northern Syria. IPS spoke to Redur Khalil ...MORE > >

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IPSTV Slow News - Police Violations 

- #StopandFrisk targets Black and Latino Youth, by Kim Jenna-Jurriaans, IPSTV correspondent in New York. Graph: Stops by Race. - 50.000 Missing People in #RiodeJaneiro over the Last Decade, by Fabiola Ortiz, IPSTV correspondent in Brazil. #cadeoamarildo. MORE > >

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