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IPS Pick of Week November 14 2013

Las Pavas Extracts a Miracle from God 
Constanza Vieira 
The rural community of Las Pavas in northern Colombia received this year’s National Peace Prize Wednesday in recognition of its peaceful struggle for land that is claimed by an oil palm company, in a case that became an international symbol of the conflict over land in this country. The day ... MORE > >

U.S. Fights G77 on Most Counts at Climate Meet, Leaked Doc Shows 
Claudia Ciobanu 
The U.S. delegation negotiating at the U.N. international climate change conference in Poland is pushing an agenda of minimising the role of “Loss and Damage” in the UNFCCC framework, prioritising private finance in the Green Climate Fund, and delaying the deadline for post-2020 emission reduction ... MORE > >

Cairo Women Bring Men Back on the Rails 
Annabell Van den Berghe 
Nihal Saad Zaghloul is an Egyptian woman in her late twenties. Like other young women, she faces the daily risk of sexual harassment on the streets of Cairo. But Egypt’s revolution made her realise that people can unite and that she can make a difference. A trend of mob rapes has risen rapidly ...MORE > >

U.N. Peacekeeping Goes on the Offensive 
Thalif Deen 
As U.N. peacekeeping operations assume a more agressive role in conflict zones, the first concrete results came last week when the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) defeated the M23 rebel group after a 20-month-long insurgency. That victory was thanks in part to the support ...MORE > >

U.N. Climate Meet: "It's About Survival" 
Desmond Brown 
For the small island developing states of the Caribbean, there is nothing more important than the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place here at the national stadium of Poland from Nov. 11-22. “We’re being impacted by climate change right now. We have to fight sea level rise, we ...MORE > >

Middle East Women Mean Business 
Rachel Williamson 
Evidence is mounting to suggest women entrepreneurs are more common in the Middle East than in startup capital Silicon Valley, and some even say it’s a more supportive place for them to start a business. Yasmin Elayat, an Egyptian-American born and bred in California’s Silicon Valley, told IPS ...MORE > >

Little Preparation for a Great Disaster 
Richard Javad Heydarian 
Despite the government’s early warnings and evacuation of up to 800,000 people from vulnerable areas, the category 5 - the highest level - Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda to Filipinos) has left some communities and coastal zones in the central Philippine islands of Visayas in complete ruins. Widely ...MORE > >

Visibility from High-Profile Human Rights Inquiries Trickles Down in Chile 
Marianela Jarroud 
Ongoing efforts to determine the causes of the deaths of high-profile Chileans - singer-songwriter Víctor Jara, former presidents Eduardo Frei Montalva and Salvador Allende, and Nobel Literate Prize-winner Pablo Neruda – indirectly bring visibility to thousands of other victims of Chile’s 1973-1990 ... MORE > >

Ethiopia’s Indigenous Excluded from Rapid Growth 
Ed McKenna 
As the construction of a major transmission line to export electricity generated from one of Ethiopia’s major hydropower projects gets underway, there are growing concerns that pastoralist communities living in the region are under threat. The Gibe III dam, which will generate 1,800 megawatts ...MORE > >

Libya’s Berbers Close the Tap 
Karlos Zurutuza 
"Oil tankers won´t get crude from this port until Tripoli finally meets our demands," says Younis, one of the Amazigh rebels today blocking one of Libya´s largest gas and crude oil plants. Located 100 kilometres west of Tripoli, the Mellitah complex is a joint venture between the Italian oil and ...MORE > >

   Featured Video 
Behind the Headlines: Haiyan in Philippines and UN Climate summit 

Philippines typhoon / Warsaw Climate Change Conference Live discussion with Johanna Son, Director IPS Asia Pacific. Live discussion with Stephen Leahy, IPS Environment Correspondent. Recorded message from Kumi Naido, Executive Director Greenpeace. MORE > >

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