Saturday, 23 April 2011

POVERTY: Global Fund

1. NEWS: Global Fund Is Seeking Input for Its New Five-Year Strategic Plan

Persons interested in providing input into the Global Fund's strategic planning process can do so online by filling out a survey or taking part in an eForum discussion group.

2. NEWS: U.S. Confirms Major Pledge to Fund; Some Other Donors Backtrack
The United States will give $1.05 billion to the Global Fund this year, in line with earlier expectations and significantly more than the $0.6 billion amount proposed by House Republicans. Italy has not delivered any of its 2009 and 2010 pledges, and Spain and Ireland have significantly cut back on what they promised for 2010.

3. NEWS: List of Countries for Second Wave of NSAs Announced
Eleven countries have been invited to participate in the second wave of national strategy applications (NSAs), six for HIV, four for malaria and one for TB. The Global Fund had received 27 expressions of interest.

4. NEWS: Global Fund Poised to Do More to Promote Human Rights
Several organisations have released reports on human rights and the Global Fund. As well, Michel Kazatchkine, the Fund's Executive Director, has spoken publicly about this issue several times in the past year.

5. NEWS: Human Rights Groups Say Global Fund Faces a "Human Rights Dilemma"
Trying to espouse human rights principles while also being committed to allowing HIV responses to be driven by countries has the Global Fund walking on a tightrope, according to the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network and the Open Society Foundations.

6. NEWS: Report Praises Global Fund Support for Harm Reduction Programmes
Global Fund support for harm reduction services for people who use drugs is an important achievement, in both health and human rights terms, according to human rights groups.

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