Monday, 6 June 2011

TUBERCULOSIS: 120 cases of Tuberculosis in both Laredos

June 03, 2011 :  Mauricio Belloc, The Laredo Sun
Dr. Hector F. Gonzalez said in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo authorities work as one to combat potential epidemics border. There are 85 cases of tuberculosis in Nuevo Laredo, 35 in Laredo, Texas, but everything is under control, thanks to the joint work of the health departments

Laredo, Tx .- Héctor F. González, director of the Department of Health of the City of Laredo, Texas, said that the disease of tuberculosis is one of many, where both Laredos work hand in hand with bi-national health programs. .
“This is why we emphasize these border liaison mechanisms and the binational health in case if there is a threat to the health of the people from both Laredos,” said Dr. Gonzalez.
Medical treatment for patients with TB is about six months, in both cities, which the same system is used.
Dr. Gonzalez said that the most common signs and symptoms of TB are a cough with phlegm for more than 15 days, sometimes bloody, fever, night sweats, momentary dizziness, chills and weight loss.
Microbial resistance to antibiotics used to treat tuberculosis is becoming a growing problem in tuberculosis extensively multi-drug resistant.
“TB is spread through the air, when the patient sneezes, coughs or spits, so one has to be careful,” said Dr. Hector F. González.

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