Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Crop Biotech Update (March 20, 2013)


In This Issue

March 20, 2013


• International Group of Scientists Complete Wild Rice Genome 
• Continual Innovation Urgently Needed to Reduce Pressures on Price and Food Supply 

• AfricaRice: Average Rice Yield in SSA has Jumped 30% After Rice Crisis 
• Nigeria's Cross River state to Sign Biotech Agreement for Agriculture 

• Cornell's Iron Lady Tomato Resists Three Fungal Diseases 
• USDA Announces Availability of Biotech Regulatory Petitions for GM Crops 
• Researchers Identify Gene that Allows Corn to Grow in Poor Conditions 
• Potential of Invasive Weeds to Cope Climate Change 

Asia and the Pacific 
• Seminar on the Global Status Report Well-received in Hanoi 
• Proposed Regulation of GM Food in Hongkong 
• Australia OGTR to Issue License for Controlled Release of GM Wheat and Barley 
• Global Status Report of GM Crops 2012 Presented in Japan 

• Plants Let Chloroplasts Know the Time 
• EU Grants Fund for Research of Underutilized Plants 

• Scientists Use Chloroplast GE to Improve Vitamin E in Tobacco and Lettuce 

Beyond Crop Biotech 
• Scientists Map Genome of Fungus Causing Dutch Elm Disease 
• Yeast Study Yields Potential for New Cholesterol, Anti-fungal Drugs 

• Stimulating Innovation in Plant Genetic Resources', Brussels, Belgium 
• Fourth Workshop of the Molecular Aspects of Seed Dormancy and Germination, July 2013 
• Second International Conference on Food and Environment, Budapest, Hungary 

Latest Communication Products

Pocket K on Stacked Traits in Biotech Crops 
It answers the following questions on biotech stacks: what is gene stacking, why is there a stack boom in the biotech crop market, and what does the future hold for biotech stacks.
Global Status of Commercialized Biotech/GM Crops: 2012 
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