Sunday, 31 March 2013

POVERTY: Church of North India adopts 900 indigent kids

Shaheen P Parshad, Hindustan Times
Amritsar, March 30, 2013
First Published: 22:10 IST(30/3/2013)
Last Updated: 22:11 IST(30/3/201
Terming illiteracy and malnutrition as the "powers of darkness" that prevent the indigent masses from living life to the fullest, the Diocese of Amritsar, Church of North India (CNI), on the eve of Easter on Saturday, vowed to initiate more social outreach projects that not only empower the 
masses, but also complement the government's initiatives on education and malnutrition.

The Diocese of Amritsar, which recently celebrated its diamond jubilee, has adopted 900 indigent children from the Ajnala belt to look after their educational and nutritional needs. This programme is based on a survey conducted by the diocese two years ago.
Talking about the project, Right Reverend Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Bishop, Diocese of Amritsar, CNI, said the diocese had been taking care of these children's academic and dietary needs for the past two years.
He said the endeavour was aimed at complementing the government's initiatives on social outreach, education and health. "There is a marked improvement in the physical and mental well-being of these 900 children since we took them under our care," he said. He maintained that the previously lean, listless and academically weak children were now known to be showing interest in sports and academics.
The bishop said the children were also taught about the benefits of keeping their surroundings clean and consuming healthy food. "They have now become harbingers of change in the localities that they reside in as they can be seen taking a keen interest not only in academics and sports, but also in keeping their surroundings clean and ensuring that people living around them know all that they need to know about cleanliness and consuming healthy food," he said.
The bishop said that even the families of these children had started getting actively involved in the initiative. "Easter is about the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. It is a celebration of His victory over the powers of darkness and evil that prevent people from living life to the fullest," he said.
The bishop said the diocese wants to take the message of Easter to the masses by doing all that it possibly can to dispel the darkness of illiteracy and malnutrition by adopting more children from economically backward families.

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