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MALNUTRITION: Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Action Against Hunger Dispatch: March 2013

120 miles. That’s not much more than the distance between New York City and Philadelphia, a two-hour drive. But it’s also the distance between Kinshasa, capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and a place called Popokapaka — a twelve-hour drive on challenging roads. “Popo,” as the locals call it, is about as remote as our program locations can get. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit recently, and I hope you’ll enjoy my account of this place that offers a superb picture of our work.
Another great view of what we do is evident thousands of miles away, in the backdrop of the beautiful Andes Mountains in Peru. Here we’re taking a fresh approach to combating high rates of childhood anemia – all by really getting to know the locals, their customs, and their culture.
Lastly this month: did you know that it is really, truly possible to reach and treat every child in the world who is suffering from deadly malnutrition? That message comes through loud and clear in a terrific new video courtesy of the Coverage Monitoring Network, an inter-agency initiative led by Action Against Hunger to improve nutrition programs around the world. 
A Spirit of Sharing, Alive and Well in D.R. Congo
Nan Dale in Popo, DRC
A brief note from a place called Popokapaka, a town only 120 miles east of Kinshasa but a 12 hour drive away. Popo – as it is known around here – offers an excellent picture of our work, of why it matters and of how one can become so captivated by it all. Everywhere there is beauty and hope – and, crushing despair – all at the same time.

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In Peru, a Fresh Take on Combating Childhood Anemia
A Peruvian child
Untreated childhood anemia has serious consequences—anemic kids are more likely to be weak and sickly, and are less likely to learn to read or finish school. To ensure a healthier future for anemic kids in Peru, we work to understand why malnutrition and anemia are so widespread. Gathering local perspectives is essential as we help these communities create long-term solutions.

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A World in which No Child Dies of Hunger? 
A child in the Kivus with RUTF.
It is really, truly possible to reach and treat every child in the world who is suffering from deadly malnutrition. A terrific new video lays out the great developments that the humanitarian sector has already made in reaching more kids with lifesaving therapeutic nutrition and outlines clear steps for getting to a place where we can reach all of them.

Learn how we can treat every malnourished child »

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