Tuesday, 5 April 2011

POVERTY: Caste system cause of female foeticide

Apr 1, 2011, Kinjal Desai

Gujarat's economic status is advanced and it is doing very well, but the state is encountering the same problems that India as a country is facing, says Lord Meghnad.
He continues, "However, the development processes continues to neglect questions pertaining to female foeticide, child malnutrition, under-education, so on and so forth. India Inc. grows and Gujarat Inc. grows very well but what about society's growth? Gujarat has administrative efficiency and so the delivery of development is very important. It has to reach there.
"India and Gujarat are at a sufficient level wherein people know what development can happen and at what level and what speed. Therefore, citizens and the government at large must now focus on development and use their management practices in areas that require growth and development, and work towards eradicating the same by changing people's mindsets.”
"Even today I think that the caste system exists in Gujarat and India and probably this is the reason why we are not able to bring about a change in areas such as female foeticide and child malnutrition, among others. People coming from so-called high class backgrounds must consider everyone as equal and discourage division of society on the basis of caste, creed or religion. The state government can make use of the best technology and best network to overcome this issue.
"It is important that the state and the country as a whole live in equality and dignity wherein people are treated with equal respect and equal rights. Furthermore, in most systems the political life is the means of change. In India, the political system is no longer capable of playing a progressive role. It does follow the norms but it is no longer strict in instilling progress and although they pay lip service, they have forgotten that they should bring about a social change.
"For instance, in the area of primary education, government has a lot of schemes and policies in place but the manner in which state governments function does not leave room for these schemes and policies to be implemented efficiently. Therefore, the political system here is incapable of being the agent of change.Talking about a change in Arab nations specifically, Lord Desai said that universally, democracy has paid off. There is no culture or society which cannot be democratic and India is very shy about its democracy.

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