Tuesday, 5 April 2011

TUBERCULOSIS: Afghanistan commemorates World TB Day

 31 Mar 2011

Kabul (29 March, 2011): ‘Women and children, the vulnerable segments of population should be our focus in fight against tuberculosis in Afghanistan now’. Dr Surryaya Dalil, the acting Minister of Public Health emphasized this while addressing the main event of World TB Day held at Ministry of Public Health building in Kabul.

The ceremony was well attended by TB patients, activists, health workers, national & international partner organizations, school children, media and parliamentarians. Dr Dalil said that drug resistant forms of tuberculosis may become a major challenge treatment of such case will not cheap. She highlighted the importance of vaccination among children, developing comprehensive package of services for women affected by TB based on a nation wide research.
Dr.Seema Samar the chairperson of Stop TB Partnership, also a Director of Human Rights organization in Afghanistan stressed on the need to address the link between TB and poverty and its consequences. She said that fight against TB is not just the responsibility of Government and every one will have to come forward. While WHO Representative Dr Ahmad Shoudul lamented the fact that despite being preventable and curable, TB still causes the death of more than 110,000 lives in Eastern Mediterranean Region (which includes Afghanistan as well). He shared the message of Regional Director of WHO Dr Hussein A Gezairy with the audience. He highlighted working on TB among women and children, addressing national capacity gaps and developing interventions for cross border collaboration with neighboring countries as major areas of focus in current year.

The ceremony ended with a Stop TB song sung by children. TB Day was commemorated across Afghanistan on 24th of March except Kabul where the main event took place on 29 March because of national holidays on the eve of Nauroz. In summary following activities were held in different region including 34 provinces and 320 health facilities with support of TBCAP, BRAC and WHO in association with TB Day:
 Recognition of good performers among NTP team including field staff Afghanistan is among 22 TB high burden countries of the world. In 2010 alone, there were 53000 cases of TB and 9000 lost their lives due to TB in previous year. For TB care in Afghanistan, NTP is supported with a coalition of national and international partners represented by a national partnership constituted in 2009.

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