Thursday, 2 May 2013

Crop Biotech Update (May 2, 2013)

In This Issue

May 2, 2013


• Global Value of Biotech Rice 
• International Team Develops Physical Map of Wheat's Wild Ancestor 
• Scientists Sequence Kiwifruit Genome 

• KARI Develops Disease Resistant Napier Grass 
• Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Ghana Plan to Disseminate Drought Tolerant Maize 
• African Experts Join Forces to Accelerate Delivery of Rice Technologies 
• Open Debate on Biotech in Egypt 

• Scientists to Use X-ray Analysis to Boost Legumes, Reduce Fertilizer Pollution 
• Farmers Say GM Crops Give Them Competitive Edge 
• Scientists Find Key Organelle Involved in Gene Silencing 
• KSU Scientists Awarded $5.5 Million for Wheat and Rice Blast Research 
• Mark Lynas' Time to Call Out the Anti-GMO Conspiracy Theory 
• New Mild Onions Offer Great Taste, Long Shelf Life 

Asia and the Pacific 
• PHILARM Enlightened on Biotech and Social and Economic Responsibility 
• Australian OGTR Invites Comments for GM Cotton Field Trials 
• Calls to Comment on OGTR Application Forms for GM Plant Field Trials 
• Investments for Malaysia Biotech 

• Review on EU Agricultural Policies on GE Crops 
• EFSA: No Scientific Evidence on Environmental Risks of GM Oilseed Rape Ms8, Rf3, Ms8 x Rf3, and GT73 

• Effects of Bt Cotton Protein on Biological Parameters of Cotton Aphid 
• First Report of Stacked Traits in Biotech Tomato in Thailand 

• Plant Breeding for Drought Tolerance Online Course - Fall 2013 

Document Reminders 
• Cassavabase, an Open Access Database on Cassava Research 

Latest Communication Products

Pocket K 43 on Biotechnology and Climate Change 
Pocket K 43 covers the various contribution of biotech crops in mitigating the effects of climate change. This newest addition to the series also covers a short discussion on climate change and its effects in agriculture as well as biotech crops that are being developed or are in the pipeline that have tolerance to abiotic stresses such as salinity, drought and extreme temperatures.
From Monologue to Stakeholder Engagement: The Evolution of Biotech Communication 
ISAAA Bried 45-2013 is now available! Download the electronic copy now!
Sowing the Seeds of Success: A Decade of Biotech Corn Adoption in the Philippines 
This 10-minute video presents an updated story of biotech corn in the Philippines, a decade after its commercialization. It complements the first ISAAA video entitled "Asia's First: The Bt Corn Story in the Philippines".
Top Ten Facts about Biotech/GM Crops in 2012 
A new overview of biotech crops in 2012. Download PDF:ArabicEnglishPortuguese
Pocket K on Stacked Traits in Biotech Crops 
It answers the following questions on biotech stacks: what is gene stacking, why is there a stack boom in the biotech crop market, and what does the future hold for biotech stacks

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