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IPS May 02 2013

Migrants Tune in to Community Support 
Simba Shani Kamaria Russeau 
At the age of 23, Gao travelled to Thailand to escape intense fighting in his native Shan State in the east of Myanmar (Burma) and possible recruitment into the Shah army. "When I arrived in Bangkok, I started working in a garment factory. We didn't have proper food. I was surviving on a handful ...MORE > >

From Rags to Penury 
Ranjit Devraj 
India’s planners worry about ‘jobless growth’, but perhaps nothing illustrates this phenomenon better than a policy of handing over the collection and disposal of the capital’s refuse to large private corporations, leaving close to 50,000 ragpickers unemployed. For decades ragpickers provided a ... MORE > >

Giving Women in Zimbabwe’s Informal Sector Rights 
Jeffrey Moyo 
Mollin Siyanda, 46, a single mother of three from Harare’s low-income suburb of Hatcliffe, is scared of being arrested by the council police as she sells fruit, vegetables and second-hand clothes on the pavement of the city centre without a permit. “I take the (fruit and clothes) to the city ... MORE > >

Japan’s Aid Programme Takes a Selfish Turn 
Suvendrini Kakuchi 
As Japan slips from its former top spot as the world’s biggest donor, experts here are worried about long-term changes in the country’s development assistance programme, which has played a crucial role in global poverty reduction efforts. Japan’s spending on official aid fell 3.1 percent from ...MORE > >

Taliban Show Patients No Mercy 
Ashfaq Yusufzai 
Akbar Shah was sitting with his sick wife in the gynaecology ward of the Agency Headquarters Hospital in Bajaur Agency, a division of northern Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), when a bomb ripped through the facility, scattering patients, doctors and medical supplies. “We ...MORE > >

Q&A: Schools Need “Transliteracy” 
Clarinha Glock 
A new social contract is needed in education, that would fully incorporate informatics and the 21st century conception of human rights, French professor Divina Frau-Meigs says in this interview with IPS. The professor of American studies and media sociology at the University of Paris 3 - ... MORE > >

Monetising Human Waste and 101 (Slightly) Crazy Other Ideas 
Stephen Leahy 
One, two or more of the 102 newly launched out-of-the box ideas to improve global health could be world-changing breakthroughs. It might be someone's idea to create a test strip you touch with your tongue to see if you have a deadly disease. Or a mobile phone game to prevent HIV. Or the idea ...MORE > >

Over 100 Million Women Lead Migrant Workers Worldwide 
Thalif Deen 
The face of migration is changing dramatically as women and girls now represent about half of the over 214 million migrants worldwide. Bolivian migrant in the airport in El Alto, next to La Paz. Credit: Franz Chávez/IPS And in some regions of the world, they outnumber their male ... MORE > >

Activists Fight U.S. Aid to Develop El Salvador’s Pacific Coastline 
Edgardo Ayala 
Community leaders in El Salvador are opposed to the government's plans to use U.S. aid funds to develop the country’s Pacific coastline, on the grounds that it would threaten the environment in a vast area. "The natural areas we have protected for so long will be seriously affected if tourism ... MORE > >

U.N. Task Force Purges Stigmas on Sexual Rights 
George Gao 
Ishita Chaudhry spent the past 36 hours listening to U.N. delegates discuss population growth and development. She noticed that on “controversial” topics, such as sexual and reproductive rights, young people’s voices often get lost. “For us as young people, it’s really not as controversial as it ...MORE > >

Rural Colombia Takes Its Place on the Agenda 
Helda Martínez 
International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) initiatives working to overcome poverty and improve food security in the Colombian countryside can make a positive contribution to government efforts to tackle some of the most neglected problems facing this South American country. "Rural ...MORE > >

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