Friday, 17 May 2013

Overseas Development Institute (ODI) newsletter 16 May 2013

Drawing on analysis of South Africa, this research examines what the EU's new aid policy approach means for middle-income countries.
Collage of faces, Twitter
Based on interviews with refugees, residents and others, this HPG research explores urban displacement and vulnerability in Pakistan.
Climate finance: maximising effectiveness
This paper examines the effectiveness of international climate funds and how it can enable climate-resilient development to become economically viable.
Why measuring inequality matters
There have been calls for inequality to be placed at the centre of the post-2015 framework. This ODI podcast asks how progress on inequality should be measured.

Smallholder farming: key to food security and nutrition 
Using country case studies, this paper investigates the contribution of smallholder agriculture to food security and nutrition.
Navigating political economy analysis
Understanding political and economic contexts is essential in improving development outcomes. This framework enables practitioners to diagnose specific problems and identify feasible change processes in response.

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