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Africa Fighting Malaria Updates and Events June 19 2013

Africa Fighting Malaria Updates and Events
Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) seeks to raise awareness of the huge burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and promote sensible policies for long-term solutions.
Exciting progress has been made in the global fight against malaria. The malaria map continues to shrink each year; in the last ten years four countries have been certified malaria-free, and thirty-four additional countries are now working towards malaria elimination targets.  
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With 300-500 million people falling ill to malaria each year, this debilitating tropical disease remains a global problem. Current combination drug therapy is still generally effective, but recent signs of resistance present scientists with a new challenge. Malaria is major issue in Africa, in particular, where drug resistance in the 1990s contributed to a higher than usual death rate from the disease.  
Whenever Murashani Gosbert felt what he thought were symptoms of malaria, he would purchase a dose of Artenam at any drug shop. "Apart from stomachache, Artenam never gave me any side effects like nausea. I would feel better the following morning and could even work just as well as long as I was taking enough fluid. It being sugar coated was a big plus for me also because just imagining the bitterness of medicine makes me throw up," he admits.
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