Sunday, 23 June 2013

MALARIA & Tuberculosis: Tanzania second largest beneficiary of Global Fund

:William Brieger

Date:Sun, Jun 23, 2013 11:17 am
SINCE 2002, Tanzania has received over 253.2bn/-
from the French government to fight HIV/Aids,
Tuberculosis and Malaria under the Global Fund
(GFATM). A press statement released by French
Embassy in Dar es Salaam on Friday said that as a
complement of its bilateral cooperation, Tanzania is
now the second largest country in the world benefitting
from GFATM.
“In terms of volumes, France has been funding an
equivalent of approximately 15 million USD per year to
Tanzania since 2002, totalizing 155 million USD
(253,2bn/-): 119 million dollars went to the GFATM, 29
million was contributed to UNITAID funding, and 6,9
million dollars went to GAVI-Alliance (immunization
programmes),” read the statement in part.
The report further indicates that the French support contributes to procurement and distribution of insecticidetreated
nets, sponsoring of anti-malaria treatments (28 million doses), provision of antiretroviral treatments for
420,000 adults and 31,000 children living with AIDS, AIDS. According to the report, other support includes
screening for pregnant women and possible mother-child viral transmission, anti-TB treatments for 12,000 children
and improvement of immunisation processes......

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