Sunday, 16 June 2013

MALARIA: AFM update June 15 2013

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Africa Fighting Malaria (AFM) seeks to raise awareness of the huge burden of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa and promote sensible policies for long-term solutions.

If environmentalists get their way, one of the key weapons in the fight against malaria will be banned before any real alternative is available, with devastating effects.

Every year, malaria sickens more than 200-million people and kills about 600,000. Most of these cases and deaths occur in Africa and in women and children younger than five. Malaria cases and deaths have been falling in Africa due to the increased use of insecticides and better drug treatments. 
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Malaria link offers hope of vaccine
Scientists say they have identified a link between strains of a malaria parasite, potentially paving the way for a life-saving vaccine. A key protein common to different types of malaria parasite is said to have been uncovered and laboratory tests show that antibodies that target the protein are effective in blocking the mechanisms that cause the disease. Researchers at Edinburgh University are now appealing to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to help them apply the findings and bring forward the next generation of malaria drug or vaccine. 
THE explosion of cross-border business activity bodes well for Africa and its citizens, but health experts warn that companies associated with emerging industries are ill-prepared and some times unaware of the risk posed by malaria. While the focus has traditionally been on extractive industries and agriculture, new industries are beginning to explode across the region in sectors such as IT, finance and education.
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